Our First Field Trip!

We had a fun trip to the lumberyard last week!


Khun M took us on a tour and talked to us about the wood in the lumberyard…


There were many different kinds of wood everywhere we looked…


Khun M showed us some of the trees that the wood comes from. We loved seeing how the young teak leaves could change when you squish them in your fingers. A bright RED liquid comes out! This can be used to dye fabrics.


We were able to watch people change the wood and bamboo with special tools…


We recorded our observations in words and pictures…


We also saw LOTS of bamboo at the lumberyard…


You can bend bamboo to make chicken cages! How many KG students fit inside?



How many teachers?!?!?


At the end of the trip, Khun M gave us each a special “piggy bank”. It’s a section of bamboo with a slit at the top. You can put coins in, but you can’t take them out unless you REALLY want to…A good way to save! :)


It was a fun morning…thanks to Khun M for taking time to give us a tour and thanks to all of the parents who came along! :)

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