We Are Mathematicians!

Kindergarten is an exciting year of growth for young mathematicians!

We are exploring numbers in many ways…


We are learning how to count carefully and how to group numbers together.


We share our thinking with others and learn how to justify our thinking by showing evidence.


We are exploring shapes right now and we will talk about many other big mathematical ideas throughout the year.

We practice recording our mathematical thinking in a variety of ways. In short, we do a lot of important work as mathematicians every day!

“I think I’ve changed my mind!!!”

We use this phrase a lot! We’ve discovered that mathematicians often need to adjust their thinking when they are working on a problem. Sometimes we think we know the answer until we double-check and see that we’ve missed an important part of the problem!

How Can I Help At Home?

Simple things like having your child count the plates and glasses at the table before dinner to make sure there are enough for everyone or looking for numbers in the airport while you’re waiting for a flight help embed math into your daily routine. Math is all around us and it’s wonderful when you can point that out to your child on a daily basis!

AND–PLEASE model a positive attitude toward math! Sometimes parents catch themselves saying things like…”I was never good at math” or “Math is really hard”. We teach students at school to have a “growth mindset” and to approach math (and all areas of learning) with “I CAN DO IT!” thinking.

Thanks for supporting your growing mathematician!

Questions to Spark Conversations…

*Who did you write a happy message to this week?
*What happy messages did people send to you?
*What does “Stretchy Snake” help us to do?
*What did Zero the Hero bring us for the 50th day of school?
*How many stickers did everyone get when we divided them equally?
*What do we mean when we say, “Stories that are TRUE about YOU!”?
*What are some of the things we can write about?
*What can we wear to school every day next week?

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