The Building Blocks of Peace


Last week, we celebrated International Peace Day at ISB. It was a wonderful way for us to talk about the ways that we can work together to bring Peace to our world. Thanks to all of you for having conversations at home about what Peace looks like!

We visited the Peace Shelter and left our own messages of peace…




We decorated building blocks to remind us of the many ways we can work together…


We talked about what peace means to us…


Then we paraded into the all-school assembly with our Peace Blocks…


Hooray for our Kindergarten Peacemakers!!!


Questions to Spark Conversations…

*What did Zero the Hero bring us for the 30th day of school?
*What are some things illustrators do to make their pictures fabulous?
*What three things did you put on the cover of your published book?
*What is a ten-frame? How does it help you to count?
*What number did you explore in class on Friday? How did you show that number?
*What are some great moves you learned from our Friday Dance Party in the Piazza??? :)

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