We Are Readers!


We have been doing lots of reading in Kindergarten this year! There are many ways to read a book. We can…

*Look at the pictures

*Look at the words

*Tell the story


We read many different kinds of books in Kindergarten. Some of the books we choose are pattern books that are filled with sight words that we are practicing in class. Some of the books are “Star” books that we have read together as a class several times and we can reread on our own. Some of the books are “Look” books that we choose because they just look interesting to us! We also each have our own song book filled with familiar poems and songs that we’ve seen many times.

During reading, sometimes we read independently…


And sometimes we read with a partner…


We’ve spent a lot of time learning how to read productively with a partner. We sit “Elbow to Elbow, Knee to Knee” with our books directly in between us so we can both see. We take turns reading pages. We talk about the book as we read and we ask each other questions.


How can you help at home?

Read with your child every day!

Talk about books and Ask Questions as you are reading with your child. Does anything in the story remind you of something your family has done? Does the story make you sad/happy/angry? Why? How would you feel if you were one of the characters in the book? Does anything surprise you about the book? We’ll talk more about how to make connections to books as the year goes on!

Visit the HUB together before or after school to choose books for family reading together. You can also make a special point of visiting bookstores regularly and helping your child shop for a favorite book to add to his/her collection at home.

Find a place for your child to keep the “Words of the Week”

Word of the Week!

CLICK HERE to see what reading looks like in our classroom!

Questions to Spark Discussions this Week:

*Can you sing “Down By the Bay”? What rhymes did you make up this week for the song?
*Who are Elephant and Piggie?
*What did Zero the Hero do for the 20th day of school?
*Who is an illustrator? What are some things that illustrators do when they are working?
*What did you try as an illustrator this week in your writing?
*How can your abc chart help you as a writer?
*How many letters are in your name?
*How do you solve SMALL problems at school? What’s an example of a small problem?

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