Zero the Hero!

On Tuesday, we had our first visit from ZERO the HERO!

Zero the Hero left us a note on our calendar to wish us a happy 10th day of school!


There was a box with the number 10 next to the letter and inside there were pages for us to start our own Zero the Hero book!

Zero the Hero left us each a 1 and a 0 so that we could make the number 10. We made a special 10th day of school page for a counting book that we will work on this year.

We had a great time talking about the 10th day of school!

We also practiced writing numbers on a September calendar this week. You might look for a place at home to put up the calendar and then your child can mark off the days as they go by. It’s a great way to start thinking about the days of the week and to look forward to special events!

Here are a few questions to spark conversations:

*Who is Zero the Hero?

*In our classroom, we say, “We take care of ourselves, we take care of each other, we take care if this place!” What does that look like at school?

*Who has a birthday in September in our class?

*Can you sing the “Months of the Year” song?

*What are some tools we use to help us with writing in the classroom?

*Can you retell the story of…

    Caps for Sale?
    Where the Wild Things Are?
    Too Much Noise?

*Where did you put your GREEN SHEEP in the class book?

*What was your favorite book that we read this week? Why?

*Can you find the word “IS” somewhere in the house? How do you spell “IS”?

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

Here are the Amazing Owls on their first free dress day…


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