Words of the Week!


In Kindergarten, we will be focusing on learning several of the common “sight words” that we use frequently as readers and as writers. All week long, we will practice our words of the week by reading them, building them, stamping them, looking for them in books, and finally, coloring in bubble words on Friday.

Each week, your child will come home with one or two “bubble words” that have been colored in at school. We’ve talked in class about finding a special spot somewhere at home–by a desk, by the bed, perhaps on the door–where your child could post these words to practice reading them and writing them. Please help your child find a place to keep the words where they will be visible. You can also help by pointing out these words when you see them as you are moving through your day. Many children are already saying, “Look! The word ‘the’ is on this paper!” or “I found ‘is’ in this book!”

You can also find the sight words that we have been studying on the sidebar of this webpage. Please keep encouraging your child to look for the words we have already studied throughout the year. Have fun looking for our Words of the Week!

Questions to Spark Discussions…

*As authors, what will we now put in our books each day when we are writing?
(pictures AND words)

*What are some of the many ways writing “words” can look in kindergarten?

*Who is “Welso”? What are Kelso’s Choices?

*Who are some of the friends you like to play with?

*What is your favorite thing to do at recess?

*What is the name of our class owl? How did we choose that name?

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