Welcome to Kindergarten!


Welcome to the classroom blog for Mrs. Whitman’s Kindergarten Class!

We will use this blog throughout the year to highlight learning and to communicate other important information. You’ll find links on the sidebar to our specialists, the weekly cafeteria lunch menu, and the Flickr site where Khun Oy posts all of the lovely pictures of student learning she takes throughout the year! Consider bookmarking this site to make it easy to access when you are looking for information. This will be our main source for classroom news this year.

Our Kindergarten students have been hard at work already this year! We reflected on our learning on Friday and here is what the children said about what we are doing in Kindergarten…

What do we do in Kindergarten?

Arianna We do art.
Branden We play with Knuffle Bunny
Jack We eat lunch in cafeteria.
Jayden We use math tools.
Joris We read books.
Lucas We build panda houses.
Maya We play games.
Naiyana We play with our owl.
Pen We play in the kitchen.
Proud We go to Thai class.
Scarlett We read in the reading loft.
Sameer We write books.
Tyler We go to recess.
Yhard We sing songs.

I encourage you to chat with your child each evening about school and hear more about what we are doing in class. I know from experience, however, that this can bring its own challenges. Have you ever asked your child, “What did you do in school today?” and the reply was, “Oh, NOTHING!” I hear that a lot at home, too. :) To help get the conversations rolling each week, I will try to post a few questions to help spark discussions with your child at home. Please don’t feel you have to ask them all or that you need to quiz your child on the answers…it’s just a way to gently nudge the conversation in a direction that will help your child reflect on the learning for the week.

Here are a few to get you started…

*Who is Mabela? What lessons can we learn from her?

*Can you tell the story of Mabela?

*What is a writing folder? How do the green and red color dots work?

*What kind of book did you write on Friday?

*What kinds of information does the calendar give us?

*Who had a birthday this week?

*How many students are in our class?

*Who is Knuffle Bunny? What will we do with him this year?

*What is Knuffle Bunny’s favorite part of the cafeteria?

*What is your favorite activity so far during choice time?

We are off to a great start to the year…I am looking forward to using this blog to share some of the amazing learning that happens in kindergarten each day. Have a wonderful and RESTFUL weekend!

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