Six-Word Memoir Contest!

A few years ago, there was a contest for people to create their memoirs, all in six words! The ‘best’ ones were later included in a published book.

Now that you have been working on your memoir, try doing a new version of your memoir, but in 6 words! Try to capture a turning point, an issue revealed, the main idea of your memoir, or maybe the ‘aha’ moment of your memoir!

As an option, you can create a 6-word memoir about any ‘aha’ moment in your life!

Create your 6-word memoir in a Google doc. Include a related image. Make sure you add the document to your student folder.

We’ll have some judges decide which 6-word memoirs win prizes!

Below are some examples of 6-word memoirs that were submitted in the contest mentioned above – some of which are seen in this YouTube video.

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My Opinion/Argument Writing Piece

Reflection on Doing My Opinion/Argument Writing Piece

* What it was like doing the writing piece, e.g., choosing an issue, focusing on a topic, investigating and notetaking sources, making a claim, prewriting, draft work.

Introduction to My Writing Piece

         You see it every day, especially in freeway traffic. A car is weaving back and forth, speeding up then slowing down, or suddenly stopping. No, it’s not a drunk driver. It’s a cell-phone driver. Cell phones are used everywhere, but on the road they are a dangerous distraction to drivers and should be prohibited.

You can read all of my writing pieced by clicking: here.

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My Historical Fiction Writing Piece


Reflection on Doing My Historical Fiction Writing Piece

My writing piece is not based on my book club’s historical fiction novel, War Horse. However, the setting for my story about the sinking of the Titanic is about the same time period of the early 20th century, specifically 1912. The actual reason I chose this topic was because I had done research on the Titanic back in first semester, and I wanted to see if I could create an imaginary story based on the facts that I had learned. I especially wanted to create a story from the perspective of young people who were on the Titanic. It’s my first time creating a historical fiction story, but it was interesting to see my research come to life!

Introduction to My Story

April 10, 1912 – Southampton, England

“Next!” shouts the ticket man at the dock just in front of a boarding plank that was leading up to a ship that was bigger than any building in London.

I clear my throat loudly, take a deep breath, and grab Willow’s hand. My 16-year-old brother Gabriel looks at me and gives me a glance that says, let me do the talking or you’ll regret it.  Gabriel hands the tickets to the man and straightens his posture to his full 6 foot height.

“Where are your parents?” ticket man inquires.

“We are going to meet up with our relatives in America,” Gabriel says as if it is obvious.

“We can not have you kiddies boarding Titanic without someone older than eighteen watching over you. You are wasting my time, and I will have to ask you to leave the docking area,” he says with a smug look on his face.

“But sir, I am twenty years old and we have a letter from our aunt and uncle,” Gabriel says politely. Ticket man glares doubtfully at Gabriel, snatches the letter out of his hand, and skims through it, his frown getting deeper and deeper with each word he reads.

“Hurry up! You’re holding up the line!” an impatient passenger behind us shouts.

“All right. You kiddies may board the ship, but I have my eye on you,” he hisses.

You can read all of my writing piece by clicking: here.

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My Original Poem


Should I listen?

Should I listen if you’re the one who caused me scarring pain?

Should I listen to your problems?

Should I listen to your tortured mind?

Should I listen to your broken heart?

Should I even listen to the words that leave your mouth?

Should I listen to your weeping soul, if you’re the one who caused me sorrow?

Should I listen to your tears, if you caused my misery?

Will I listen to your depression, if you caused me to be depressed?

Will you listen?

Will you look into my fiery eyes, and stop with the trash that flows out of your mouth?

Will you look into my raging heart, and see the pain you have caused me?

Will you look into my infuriated mind?

Which made it stream with pain?

Do you think that the garbage that rains from your mouth helps you?

My angry, raging, furious, infuriated mind is about to burst into a big destruction.

The depths of my despair will only hurt you, but me even more.

Will you stop?

Is your heart just an empty void, that hasn’t been created yet?

Is your brain an empty thoughtless tunnel?

is your spirit as dark as space without a star in sight?

Will you change your mindset for others to serve?

Will you change your heart so someone won’t think the words that come out of your mouth are true?

Will you just change?

Reflection/Analysis On My Poem

+ Describe how you came up with this topic for a poem.

+ Identify and explain examples of literary devices that you used in your poem, e.g, simile, metaphor, personification, alliteration, hyperbole, rhythm, rhyme.

+ Also, describe the tone (attitude) that you as the writer convey in your poem. Refer to particular words and/or phrases in the poem as evidence that creates that tone.

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Book Review + Reflection

Reflection on Doing the Book Review

* How did you choose this particular book to review?

* What was it like doing the draft work on your review? (e.g., feedback, editing)

* What did you learn about doing book reviews? (e.g., the balance between summarizing and stating your opinion – without referring to yourself – the use of reading terms).

Introduction to My Book Review

     Ever watch commercials on TV and notice how many are related to eating food? How does a young teen deal with living in a society that is so based on eating? The topic of eating disorders may not be your cup of tea, but for some readers, with the right guidance, this realistic fiction novel, The Best Little Girl in the World by Sam Levenkron, could be some help. The main character, Kessa has a serious eating disorder called anorexia nervosa, but she is not alone. Many people have this eating disorder, and this book shows its harmful effects. This is an emotional and inspiring story of a determined girl and her fight to survive; however, it does have its flaws.

You can read all of my book review by clicking: here.

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Three Books That Define Me As A Reader

I probably first read this novel in Grade 5, but it was still one of my favorites into middle school. It is a story of a 12-year-old boy who runs away from his family’s crowded apartment in New York City so that he could try to live in a forest. In its own way, the story made me think of life as an adventure.

I can remember being in a Grade 7 play based on the Mark Twain novel The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, but I liked this novel by the same author even more because it seemed to go deeper into the idea of freedom – for Huck, a boy without family roots, and his adult friend Jim, a runaway slave. I learned a lot about racism in society as well as enjoying the adventures that Huck and Jim had together.

I’m not sure if this is the same cover of the biography that I read in Grade 5. I did like to read lots of biographies, mainly about sports stars such as Boston’s star hitter, Ted Williams, but also players such as this Brooklyn Dodger shortstop named Pee Wee Reese. Maybe I remember reading about him because of his catchy nickname but also because I later learned about the friendship this white player from the southern part of the U.S. had with Jackie Robinson, the first black player in major league baseball. I could see it was ‘more than just a game.’

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