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Preparing for Laptop Return Day


All students must return their laptop on Wednesday, June 5th to their synergy teacher during a special synergy session that day along with the Laptop Return Form

All students are responsible for:
•    Copying personal folders and files to an external hard drive containing their documents, downloads, pictures, movies, music, etc.
•    Exporting their browser bookmarks if necessary.

In addition, students may request support to:
•    Export their entire blog in WordPress.
•    Share a folder with all their Google Documents to a personal Google account.
•    Transfer Google Sites to a personal Google account.
•    Copy Google Mails to a personal Gmail account.
•    Copy Haiku ePortfolio content.

For returning students, please note, all laptops will be reformatted over the summer and updated with new software.  So it is a very good idea to copy anything you would like to keep!

For students leaving, sorry, your laptop can not be purchased.

Image Credit: Macbook Pro Keyboard by visualdensity on flickr, Attribution

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