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MS School Laptop Case Inspection

Dear students,
Teachers will be conducting a laptop case inspection this week. All students should be using the laptop case provided at the start of the year.  If the laptop case is broken, they must return the bag to Ed Tech and will be issued with replacement.  It is important, however, to remind you all that the main problem with the laptop case is the zipper. What leads to the zipper breaking is actually students’ careless use of the case. Stacking lots of papers or other objects like pens and earphones inside and then trying to close the zipper, sometimes by force, is actually mistreating a school accessory that you get as part of the Laptop Program. Not to mention that these objects can can easily exert additional pressure on the laptop, damaging the screen, the most expensive part in a laptop. Teachers will be vigilant of this, so please don’t place any additional objects inside the case. If you have any additional concerns, please contact Mr. Zambrano (miguelz@isb.ac.th).

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