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Carrot Mob is coming


Want to join the MOB?  You get to shop, help the planet, change a business, and meet 100’s of other mobsters all over Thailand.
Carrotmob # 3 is taking place and 12 International schools are working together to get at least 1 business to ban the plastic bag (or at least improve the situation).
If you care about the planet you live on you can help us in 3 very easy steps.
# 1:  Click this link and join our Facebook event “BAN THE BAG”
# 2:  Spread the word.  Send it to your friends and let them sign up.
# 3: On Sunday, April 3rd show up to support the winner by shopping there!

You can also be a fan of the Bangkok Carrotmob Fan Page.  https://www.facebook.com/BangkokCarrotmob

To know more about what a Carrotmob is go to https://www.carrotmob.org/




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