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10 highlights to talk about this weekend


Students: Are your parents asking what happened in school today? This week? Parents: Not getting much of a response when you ask your child what is happening at school? Well, here is a list of 10 events that have happened or will happen soon at school. Hopefully, there is at least one item on the list that you can talk about this weekend.

1. Rainbow House kids visit ISB Saturday morning. This club provides a wonderful opportunity for students to get involved in community service right here at school.

2. The International Food Festival takes place Saturday afternoon. Come to the IFF to sample food from around the world, watch a variety of performances (including the MS Dance Team), and help student organizations like Rainbow House fund raise (by Soaking Teachers).

3. After the Wave exchange is happening this weekend. See the After the Wave blog post inthemix for more details.

4. Job and Maria Fun Run happened Friday. To find out more about the run, click HERE.

5. Thai Cooking Club started Friday. Students get to explore and learn more about Thai culture through cooking simple Thai food. Thai food is considered a popular “kind of art” found in many countries and Thai food presentation is so exquisite. So come learn how to cook Thai food and experience Thai culture, which you can carry and share wherever you go. See Khun Piyanuch, and/or sign up outside room 218.

6. 60 Years in Photos Quiz. Go back in time and see if you can figure out what year these photos were taken. Check out the photos HERE. Take the quiz HERE.

7. BISAC Tryouts IMPORTANT INFO for Volleyball and Girls Softball players: All athletes must register before tryouts on the athletics site https://inside.isb.ac.th/athletics/ms-athletics/must-do-imp-info/

8. ISB will be hosting the HS Art, Dance, and Drama Cultural Convention starting next Thursday. For more details check out the Cultural Convention website.

9. Students have an opportunity to watch the Hunger Games before the official opening. See the Hunger Games blog post for more details.

10. Habitat for Humanity is sponsoring a School Recovery Project on March 24 and April 8. For more details see the School Recovery Project blog post inthemix.

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