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JAVA 101: A new course in the middle school


JAVA 101 is a new course, but does not meet in a classroom. It is on PowerSchool and you receive a final grade. Here is how it works:
– you complete the work one your own time, whenever you want, wherever you want
– the course could be completed in a month, a quarter, a semester, or the entire year
– it is up to you, you can start the course, take a break, continue later, or complete it all at once
– there will be a few face-to-face times with instructors and some other students (lunch, break, after school)
– the lessons, videos, instructions, assignments, are all online
– you can ask questions, there are instructors waiting to help you out


If you are interested in JAVA 101, head to the google site, and/or contact Mr. Romary.


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