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10 things to talk about this week


Are your parents asking what happened in school today? This week? Well, here is a list of 10 things that have happened or will happen soon at school. Hopefully, there is at least one item on the list that you can talk about this weekend.

1. Sleep in a Box had over 70 students participate. This event sponsored by GIN and Habitat for Humanity brought awareness and raised money for Flood Victims. Some students even tried staying up all night. We will post some photos of the event soon.

2. Welcome Back Social on Friday. DJ Tasha, Sarah, and Sammi did a fabulous job getting students on the dance floor, and PTA kept us well fed with pizza. Here is a link to a few photos from the event.

3. Traffic Jam Event on Saturday: Breaking the Bonds of Slavery. The show will include an apprearance by Thai celebrity Lydia, a film premier from the MTV Exit Campaign, as well as guest speakers from MTV, the UN and Night Light, an organization dedicated to helping victims of human trafficking.

4. BISAC U15 Rugby Tournament at ISB on Saturday, and Soccer Tournaments next weekend. Good luck to all our participants

5. Another Alternative Dress Day next Friday with a Black and Gold theme to support our BISAC players, and HS IASIS teams.

6. One more week until class trips. Do you have your packing lists in order?

7. Two Wednesday activities next week: Bake Sale Baking Club at break (get involved by buying delicious baked goods hand-made by MS students), and Y-Kids after school (get involved in this wonderful community service opportunity to share joy and laughter with others).

8. Power School changes. Does your Power School look different? Have you noticed the Standards feature for some of your classes?

9. Bike Helmets. You need to wear a bike helmet to school starting Monday. Let all be safe!

10. Grade 6 Students are taking action. Check out the post inthemix on how student are trying to become part of the solution to some of the modern problems we face today.




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