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10 things to talk about this weekend


Are your parents asking what happened in school today? This week? Well, here is a list of 10 things that have happened or will happen soon at school. Hopefully, there is at least one item on the list that you can talk about this weekend.

1. New Clubs starting. See inthemix posts about our first Quidditch match on Wednesday and House of Black: The Harry Potter Club meeting on Thursday. Also, the Art Club is continuing on Thursdays with Mr. Jamgocian. Who knew he was an artist?

2. Our soccer teams. All our soccer teams this week, U13 Boys & Girls and U15 Boys & Girls, had a great week. The teams are making crisp passes to each other, playing strong defense, getting great shots on goal, and demonstrating amazing sportsmanship.

3. Habitat for Humanity is helping to Rebuild Thailand on Saturday, January 14. Read the post about this event inthemix.

4. AMIS MS Choir Festival in New Delhi. See the inthemix post, Choir students traveling to India, to see who is going and what they will be doing.

5. Rainbow House. ISB students will be visiting Rainbow House next Saturday, January 21. For more details see Mrs. Bradley and check out the Rainbow House Visit post inthemix.

6. Sleep in a Box coming January 27. Sponsored by the Global Issues Network and Habitat for Humanity, this event will raise money and bring awareness to people left homeless or who lost their homes due to the flood. For more information, talk to Ms. Jones and check out the Sleep in the Box post inthemix.

7. All the fun to be had at Panther Spirit Night, tonight. Games start at 3:30pm on Friday and continue through Saturday.

8. The official announcement for the MS Drama Spring Play will be made Monday.

9. Evacuation Drill at lunch on Monday. This is the first time ISB has held a drill at lunch. MS students are the “test case”. When heading to the field students need to line up with the class they had before lunch.

10. ISB MS Activities has a Facebook Page. To get status updates, click the Like button.


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