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House of Black to begin Jan. 19 at ISB


This year, the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, located in south of London, England, is  relocating. That’s right! This year, classes will take place in Thailand–The International School Bangkok to be exact. Come join “The House of Black”, ISB’s most exciting Harry Potter club, at their informational meeting, January 19, 2012, in Mr Denby’s Room. (Floor Three, Room #317)

So what do you do in the House of Black?

In the Most Noble and Ancient House of Black, nicknamed the House of Black, or the HOB for short, numerous fun and exciting activities take place every meeting, such as…
Taking REAL Hogwarts classes, like Potions and Charms
Learning and brewing magical recipes to sell at Harry Potter-themed bake sales
Discussing everything from characters to conspiracies in the Harry Potter universe
Attend such online events such as PotterCon 2012
And much, Much more!
-Hannacus Bannacus; Senior Official at the Board of Information

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