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My Day A


At 7:05 I arrive at school, still tired and barely awake. Luckily, on day A my first period is period one, or physical education. This means that I can arrive early at the change room and just sit in the quiet for a while, composing myself and preparing myself for the rest of the day. After I compose myself, I head to class. Right now in PE we are doing dance. Though it is most likely the most embarrassing of all PE subjects, it is also the one that requires the least physical effort put into it, meaning that I can zone out for the majority of it, making the class go by in a bit of a flash.

At 8:20 AM I finish PE and go to the second period of the day, mathematics. In Math, we are currently doing a project in which we need to explain a certain topic that we learned during the year. My partner is Jared and we are making a movie explaining the quadratic equation and how to use it. It is one of the most fun classes of the day, as working with iMovie is extremely easy, but it does acquire more mental effort than PE, causing it to go by much slower. By the time class is finishing, I can barely concentrate as my mental power has been worn out, due to being used for a long time without a break.

After a fifteen minute break I head over to my third class of the day, Choir. Choir is one of the more fun classes of the day, as it doesn’t require much effort, but is still extremely fun. Right now we are practicing for presentations we need to do on Tuesday, in which we perform individual songs. The song I am singing is Your Song by Elton John, and I am singing it with a partner. It was required to get the sheet music, and luckily the music for Your Song was available free on the internet for anyone to download. Choir is one of the more fun classes of the day, and it usually goes by very fast.

After choir finishes I go to Publications. I got my first four tardies in Publications due to the fact that my choir teacher, Ms. Peterson, refuses to let us go early even though we have to travel far to get to our next class. I personally need to go from the new building all the way to Mr. Denby’s room in less than 5 minutes because Ms. Peterson can’t keep track of time. Once I’m at the publications room, I work work on stories to put on the inthemix website. One of the more recent posts I made was about the failed rapture and who believed in it. This is an awesome class that I greatly enjoy, partly because Mr. Denby is a great teacher, but also because the coolest man to ever walk the earth, Edward, is in the class.

Once Publications finishes, I head to lunch. Usually I only have a smoothie, mainly because the food at the school is quite repetitive. It’s not to say it’s bad food, as it is better than most schools’ food, but unfortunately the school does not have much variety between days and it’s hard not to get a little bit sick of the food when you have the same things each day.

Once lunch finishes my last two periods of the day are humanities. In this class we currently aren’t doing much as we have practically finished all of our work for the entire year. We ost likely are going to be watching a movie, as we have nothing else to do. The movie has not yet been determined, but I’m sure it will have something to do with the Middle East as that was our latest unit. We also currently can do extra credit in order to raise our grade, which I think shows that our teacher, Mrs. Jones, really cares about the students and their grades. This is a great thing to do for anyone wanting to raise their grades.

Once humanities is finished at 2:05 school is finished and I can go home to finish my homework and relax. This is how my A day, my favorite day of the week, plays out.


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