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My D Day


To start off, I don’t have any favorite because I kind of like school (except for hanging out with friends) and my favorite day is probably D day. This day starts with period 3-4-5-6-7-8 and then ends school :D The main reason for liking this day is because I don’t like Math that much and I only have math for 1 period in D day (period 8).

I came to school with my P.E. uniform since I have P.E. for the first period. This class is one of my disliked classes because I don’t like P.E. that much. I’m more kind of a chill person and like to hang out with friends. Then it’s publication where I write for InTheMix. This is one of my favorite class because I can chill down from P.E.

Then it’s break. TIME FOR BACON STRIPS.

Then is Humanities. The class where your writing dreams come true. In this class, you read, write, research, and anything that you can think of. From ratings of 1-10, I rate it a 7. I like to write because I have a lot of great ideas and I know how to make my story interesting (not including essays) but I’m not good at grammar though.

Next is lunch where I don’t eat much because I already ate BACON STRIPS. With the time remaining, I go to band early to practice my instrument. I rate this class 6 from 1-10 because my energy is drained after playing my instrument.

Next is Math. As you may know, there’s a new building so now the band room is now at the new building and the new building is extremely far from my math room. During the 5 minutes that I get for getting to classes, I have to run to the math room which is very tiring for me.

After 55 minutes of Math at the end of school, I receive a prize for being such good student. Going home to play Call of Duty Black Ops.

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