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Laptops: A Grade 6 Perspective


by Frances G.

My Experience With The One to One Laptop Program by Frances P. Garnett

At home and at school, the one to one laptop program for sixth graders has made some small changes in my life.

At home, I have started using my desktop less and sitting in my room with my laptop. At school, I used to have to share many laptops and save my stuff all in a flash drive. Now, I have my own computer that has all my stuff in documents and is personalized. It is also with me at all times.

I am disappointed with the kids who tried to “multitask” with the computers and play games and chat during class. I don’t think it’s good to do un-school related things in class without the teacher’s permission. Even though I would maybe like to go on Facebook before or after and now am banned, I still think the rules are good.

I think the laptops should continue next year with more grades. Sixth graders have grown a bit more to respect the rules and are taking better care of them. So from my experience, the one to one program is very helpful.

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