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A Day


A Day

The bell rings at 7:15 as I quickly rush to class. First is Spanish. Currently we are reading a book called Pobre Ana which means, “Poor Ana”. I think it is very boring but, you have to do what is assigned.

Next it is off to math with Mr.R. Math is probably one of the easier classes. Currently we learned how to find the distance between two points. We also learned how to find the point in the middle of the two points.

Ring, now its break. Sometimes I will go and get food but usually I just sit around waiting for next class and talk to my friends.

As I rush to period 3 I wonder what we will be doing in P.E. Currently we are doing running (Which Sucks!) I really dislike running unless it is during an actual sport. Running for fun is just plain boring.  Next is off to publications.

Publications is a very fun class where you write about things happening at the school. In fact that the class that is making me write this is… the one…the only… PUBLICATIONS. In publications, you are allowed to listen to music as long as you have headphones and also if you are on task.

Next is lunch. Usually I don’t eat anything because I don’t like the school food. I don’t understand why they don’t have Cheese Quesadilla’s and burritos during lunch like they do after school. I think it is very stupid that they don’t. Next is Humanities.

In humanities we are currently learning about the Middle East. We recently had a debate on whether it was legal to kill Osama Bin Laden or not. It was quite one sided as the other sides only argument was, “That he was unarmed and should not have been killed”. That is my A day :)


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