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My D Day


I start off the day with PE in period 3. I like it because in the morning the weather is usually a lot better than in the middle of the day. Next in period 4, I go to publications and write stories for InTheMix. I usually get tired from PE and I usually just try to sit where the ACs are blowing. It is then break at 9:15 but I just usually go and get things for my next class. I go in to put my things into math class before class starts. Then when the bell rings, Mr Herrmann opens the door and lets us come in. We usually check our homework and then have the regular lessons. Next we have a 5 minute break before science in period 6. In science now we are looking at specimens through microscopes. I find it easier to use a camera to take a picture of the field of view in the microscope than drawing it. Then it is lunch. After lunch in period 7, I have Thai class. I usually find it as my least favorite period of the day. Then it is band in period 8. I like having band in the last period of the day because I usually don’t get tired in class. Also It is my favorite day to take my instruments home because I don’t have to walk from the 3rd floor to the band room then go to the drop off point with my saxophone. My D day is my favorite day because the things are in the order that I like.


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