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Laptops Next Year


This year the grade 6 had 1 Laptops each. Next year, the whole middle school will each get a macbook pro. This year’s grade 6’s will hand in their laptop on the last day of school and will┬áreceive┬áthe same laptop next year. Throughout the year, the middle school have looked for ways to improve the laptop program. They would like the 6th graders to complete the survey by clicking here. They will use this information to help the new students that are coming into middle school.

In my opinion I liked the laptops because it helped me manage my homework files on the laptop instead of putting it on a flash drive.

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One Response to Laptops Next Year

  1. Mr. Z on 20/05/2011 at 8:17 AM

    Just a correction about the date. Laptops will be handed in before the end of the school. It will be the first days of the last week of class. The exact date will be communicated soon.

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