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My D day


D-day is so far my best day because I have the least homework and I only have 1 period of math.

7:20 in the morning I start with EAP humanities reading books and writing essays.  First class no homework.

8:20: I go to Publication class and write about what Mr. Denby assigns me to do and post it into InTheMix. 2nd class of the day no homework.

9:30: after fresh milk and some bacon strips I went to Humanities for the 3rd and 4th class of the day. I was doing some of the project about agricultural land with my friend Win. I was also doing some of the silent readings and book clubs. So far I only have one little homework.  I only have to do my book club reading.

11:25: Lunch Time!!!  I went to eat lunch with my friend then off to P.E.

12:00: I went to P.E. and then do some games and some fitness and of course no homework.

13:00: I went to math and that’s the last period of the day so I was so excited so we did some of math practice to get ready for the test and that’s it for the day.

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