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My D Day


D day. My most favored day of the school day schedule. It starts with period 3, Band. There, we learn how to play music with our instruments. I play french horn. Currently, we are going to learn music for our moving on ceremony.

At 8:20, publications class starts. In publications, we speak about current events happening in and around the school. Last period, Jared and Scott talked about the death of  Osama  Bin Laden.

After that, We have Periods 5 and 6. Both of which are my humanities classes. Now, we are learning about the Middle East and it’s conflicts based on religion. We previously learned about South Africa and apartheid.

After that, it’s lunch. I either usually eat a sandwich, or some crab stick california rolls.

Then, is Math, Period 7. Now we are learning about solving equations. I think it’s the hardest subject in the school because I’m trying my hardest to get a good grade in there.

Then, after that, is period 8 science. Now, we are doing different research projects. My group’s research project is on tides.


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