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Jacob’s C day


Jacob’s C Day: 5-6-7-8-1-2-end

School starts 7:20 and I go to the first period of C day, which is Humanities. For the Humanities class, we all begin with reading for at least 30 minutes, although sometimes much shorter and sometimes really long. However, we have never skipped even 5 minutes of reading time. These days we are studying about MP4U (Modern Problems For Understanding). We are thinking about the current problems we have in the view of an expert, and trying to solve these problems. I chose the problem of our crops being used as biofuels. So this is what I do in Humanities, which lasts for 2 hours in C day, no matter what special day it is except for assembly days.

After my Humanities class I head over to break but I don’t eat anything in the cafeteria or do anything, so I just walk slowly to my PE class, a class I like the second most after Publications.

So about 9:25 I start PE, we change into PE clothes, and do the sports we do these days, which is hockey. I feel no passion and enthusiasm in playing hockey, which is a surprisingly tiring sport, and it makes my PE clothes soaked.

When we finish playing hockey for about an hour, we change back into our dry clothes, and go to Art.

Art is a fairly normal class and all I actually do is paint or draw. I enjoy it because it is a cool class and there is time for me to chat and chill with my friends.

Next comes a fairly normal class of math. These days we are learning how to find areas and perimeters of shapes, including rectangles, triangles, parallelograms, trapezoids, weird shapes and circles. Finally for this day, we have the class of science which is equally normal like math, but more interesting things to do including looking at really microscopic organisms.

So this is my favourite day, C day, because it has lots of normal classes.

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