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My C Day



The bell rings. I then go to my P.E. class; at the moment I’m doing various things according to what different teams think of. This unit is called “Multicultural Games”. From playing all these games I learned a lot of cultural stuff.  After class end, I would change back to school uniform and head over to the main buildings.  For example we did a game which was like capture the flag but a korean version.


Thai intermediate. I enjoy reading in Thai although I’m not good at it. The person who teaches me is Kru Jane, she is very kind. The class ends at 9:15 and we often go buy something to eat or a drink.


My Humanities class starts. At the moment we are writing a 500 hundred word essay on MDGs (millennium development goals) and we are having a seminar about technology and privacy. I really enjoy being involved in a class seminar.

Lunch!!!! My favorite subject…if that counts!


Science, we are learning about particle transferring energy and particles themselves.


I then come to my math class to study shapes, volume and area. I sometimes have difficulty understanding equations but I also find them fun to solve.

where we normally learn.


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