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My Day- Day B


My favourite day- B Day

7:20 AM

We arrive at school at the start of our favourite day- B day. Our first subject of the day is Humanities with Ms. Williams and Mr. Guthrie. Right now we are learning about MDG (Milennium Development Goals) in many countries around the world. We are doing a 500 word essay about a country we have chosen.

8:15 AM

I am still in Humanities working on a socratic seminar that we are having soon. The socratic seminar is about privacy in technology like facebook and videos on youtube.

9:15 AM

Break! We enjoy having a snack and go to our next class.

9:30 AM

My next class is Science with Mr. McGovern. We are learning about kinetic energy and particles transferring into each other. We are also learning the scientific way on how cold things make hot things cooler and how hot things make cold things hotter.

10:25 AM

After learning about kinetic energy, I am now learning learning about finding the area of circles in Math with Mr. Melhorn. Sometimes it’s difficult when we have to multiply by pi and find the area and surface area of cylinders. Today we were making play- doh spheres to help us understand rather than looking at measurements on paper. Playing with play- doh was fun :).

11:25 AM

LUNCH TIME! My favourite subject (If it counts!). After all that learning, it made me hungry. After I have eaten I talk to friends and when the bell rings, I get ready for my next class- French.

12:05 PM

Bonjour! I now learn french with Monsieur Faucher. Right now, I am learning how to describe our families. Before we were learning how to conjugate like aimer (to like) detester (to hate) regarder (to watch) and many more. It was a bit hard to learn at first, but after a while it got easier.

1:05 PM

Publications! This is where I am writing this right now. We write about various events going around the school and have a lot of fun. Sometimes we take photos and publish them into our posts

2:05 PM

My favourite time of the day! It’s time to go home :).


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