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My D Day :)


My D Day is very interesting. At 7:20 AM, the tardy bell rings and the school starts normally. I have period 3, which is Learning for Life. Learning for Life is a new class where you can learn anything you want to learn. You can learn how to design clothes, you can learn how to make video games and a lot of different stuff. What I’m learning now is how to make a paper rose. It’s very complicated but I’m trying my best to make a really pretty rose. I still need some help from my friend but I’m trying not to get a help from my friend.

It’s 8:15AM, period 3 is now gone, and now it’s time for period 4 to rock the middle school. On period 4, I have publications. Publications is the class where you write what’s going on in school and what’s new. You get different topics after you finish your writing. It’s a really fun class and if you want to know what’s going in whole school, just check the InTheMix site out.

R—-ing! The break bell rang. YES! It’s 9:15, I come out from the mouse trap classroom, I come out and go to cafeteria. I talk to my friends and walking to the third floor to get my stuff for Humanities. R——ing! Oh, no. Starting the class in 5 minutes!

9:30 AM, my Humanities class starts. As usual, we start with Silent reading. I’m reading the book ‘Diary Of Wimpy Kid The Dog Days’ because we are doing something called ‘Readopoly’. Readopoly is like a Monopoly game. We have the board that says what genre of book you should read. We roll the die, and I got the chance card! I picked the chance card and it said ‘Read humorous story about kids’. So, I picked Diary Of Wimpy Kid. We read for awhile, and now we are having a book club meeting. All the sixth graders are doing book clubs right now, and I’m reading a book called ‘Stargirl’. I’m waiting for my lovely lunch to come.

R—–ing! YES! MY LOVELY LUNCH IS HERE! I am rushing down to the cafeteria, getting my smoothie. I usually eat smoothie and a brownie. I didn’t want the lunch to end. I hope the lunch continued ’til the end of the day. I was with my friends, laughing and joking. Then, the bell rang… I had PE next. I ran straight through the soccer field and entered the PE locker.

In PE, we are doing gymnastics right now. First, we are warming up. We run around the gymnasium and when Mrs. Johnson blows the whistle and she tells you the number like 3, then you have to stand or balance in three things. What I usually do is two feet with one hand. After that game, we start the gymnastics. I keep on trying to do cartwheel. “Move! If you don’t want to get hurt really bad!” I yell and everyone gets out of the matrix. Then I run and jump!… Then I fail. Ouch… Well, I keep on trying but it’s not getting better! But I still keep on trying.

Now, I have math. Usually, I have my math on period 1, 2, but on D days, we don’t have period 1, 2. But, we need to get Math everyday, so that’s why we miss period 8 class and have math. I walk to the third floor, get my stuff and go to my math class. Right now, we are learning about Diving fractions.  I learned how to divide fractions so I’m set. We solved some problems and the school is done! YES! I can go home now.

How is your D Day?

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