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My D day


On my D day I start the day out in publications class where we write stories for in the Mix. Durning that class we are allowed to listen to music while we work, I’ve published about 5-6 stories for the newsletter site. Then I go to IS where I review my homework and also study for tests. After that I would go downstairs to the cafeteria for break. After break I go back upstairs to the 2nd floor to get my stuff for period 5/6, math and science. I dislike Math class because it’s boring and hard, Science is more fun… Then I go to lunch with my friend Shelma. We sit in the same stop as always and usually talk about the same things but sometimes we talk about something new like something funny that happened at her class. After that I would go to the new building and go to Drama, that’s on of my favorite classes! We just go all out and imagine, all I can think about it ghost and scary things. I need to get a new hobby… After Drama I sprint to PE because I hate being late, and my teacher gets so mad if your late. I’m usually the last one in the changing room… I dislike PE because I don’t like being sweaty and stuff like that, and most of all I HATE SPORTS! I’m not an active person at all, I’d rather be making videos for my friends on youtube… But I do like PE if it’s not a synergy day! Because I get to go home in my comfortable PE clothes, I’m going to regret that tomorrow…


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