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My Day- Day A


Hello everyone. Want to hear about my day? Okay, first I went to Math. I have Mr. Banks and he is teaching us algebra! But, I really don’t like it. Next, I go to science and learn about the Periodic Table. Then, I go down to the Cáfe and get myself a chocolate milk. I have to go up to Publications for my next class. That is where I right stories.

Holá! Next I go to Spanish and that is where I spend my period 4. Then I go to lunch and buy myself a sandwich. I sit with my friend Karis as we eat our lunch. Next I get to paint in art class with Mr. Sissons. When that bell rings I go down to gym where we are playing Hockey and I play goalie. Then I go home and do my homework. Once you think about it my day is so much fun, but at the same time SUPER BORING!

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