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Day B (:


Day B YES my favorite day !

It all starts with Humanities. Humanities is one of my favorite subjects out of all of the courses. The best part is writing, It doesn’t matter if it’s a specific writing if it involves writing I love it. In Humanities we did the same as usual – book group discussion & Mac Lab  typing about a subject the teacher gave us.

When Humanities ended I went to Science. Science is not my favorite and it’s not my hated subject –  it’s in the in between favorite subject. In science we did experiments with the two mystery mixtures, testing them with the amounts of measurements.

After Science ended with a loud ring. I went to Math. Math is also my not hated subject and not my favorite subject at the same time. Math started with checking homework.  As usual after the checking of the homework we did our work and homework.

When Math ended, everyone scattered to the cafeteria. YES cafeteria! My second favorite part of the day. Even though it’s just lunch, eating then going up to our different classes, it’s fun getting away from all of the work and learning.  Me and Nakita went to go to every line seeing what is the best food in the line.  Once we got our food we would have the longest chat ever about what happened today. Then after getting our books, we go to our next classes.  Hers would be Study Skills and mine would be Publications. Before we left to our different classes we would talk and walk around the school until we checked our watches and left to our classes.

After lunch I went to Publications. Publications is my 2nd favorite subject. It was the same – typing choosing a subject to write about then listening to music if we wanted to.

After typing me and Nakita went too Choir. In Choir we assesed music and what we think we could improve, and sang pieces of music.

After school ended I went home.


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