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My Day-Reem Day C

I look… AMAZING.

Wednesday started out like any normal Day C. I went to Mandarin,  and we did this fun little project that was actually fun. We usually just do papers, so that was a pleasant surprise.

Then we had HEALTH. Yes, HEALTH. Not just any HEALTH. PUBERTY HEALTH. It’s even worse than 6th grade. We had to watch another dreaded Dr. D movie. Don’t even ask what happened.

Then there was Science! Science was just like it always was. We did some more stuff with the Mystery Mixture. Then we went to Math. We did some linear relationships stuff.

Then there was LUNCH, possibly one of the best times of the day.  I ran over to the pasta line like I always do. I met Mary in the line and laughed at inside jokes. People in front of us heard, and repeated some of the funny sayings. We start trends! (*flips hair*).  Finally, I got my turn. I got the fusilli with tomato sauce and tomatoes (as you can tell, I love tomatoes). I quickly cranked some salt and pepper on it. I grabbed a mini-fork and strode to my table, Mary walking beside me. We sat in our seats and talked, as always.

We left lunch about 15-20 minutes early so Marisa and I could get ready for Humanities. We hiked up the stairs. I ran to my locker. I opened it. Got my stuff. Left. Went to Humanities. Then I went to Hip Hop. Then I went home. Now that I realize it, I have such an interesting life.

I guess that’s it! I hope YOU have a great, non-boring day!

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