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My favorite day (Day A)


We have 4 kinds of days in ISB. Day A, Day B, Day C, and Day D. Day A is my favorite of all of them. One of the reason Day A is my favorite because I don’t have science. First we start off with Humanities 1 and 2, publications and Mandarin 3 and4, P .E.and math. Period 6 is supposed to be art but because we have to have math everyday, it’s switched to math just on Day As. Period 1&2 I have Humanities at the start of the day and in Humanities, its divided into Language Arts and Social Studies. I like Social Studies because we learn about what’s happening around the world. Right now we are learning about Thailand in the 1970s.

Period 3, I have Publications and in Publications, we write the latest news of what is happening around the whole school and edit the website that I’m writing on, inside.isb.ac.th/inthemix

Period 4 I have Mandarin and Mandarin is actually pretty hard and I don’t enjoy having it.

Period 5 : Right after lunch, I have PE and this is one of the reasons I love Day A’s. I usually play basketball during lunch times and right after that I can just go in and change in to my PE uniform.

Period 6. Usually during period 6, I’m supposed to have art but instead I have Math because we need to have math everyday. Math is one of my favorite subjects because it’s fun to do.

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