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Mascot Owl Dies!!!!!


News Flash: A Colombian soccer team’s mascot owl died after being kicked by a rival soccer team player.

Apparently, an injured owl(broken wing) fell onto a soccer field during a soccer game(Barranquilla’s Atletico Junior v.s. Deportivo Pereira). Luis Moreno kicked the bird off the field so it could get out of the way. The Baranquilla fans considered the bird to be good luck so they were furious at Luis Moreno. The police had to protect Luis while he walked off the field. Right now, Luis is facing a possibility of one to three months in jail and a maximum fine of 50,000 pesos ($26). During that time, the helpless owl was rescued and vets treated the bird.Later, the bird died of respiratory arrest early Tuesday because of the stress of being handled in the incident.


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