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My Day Marisa Day A


I start my day off reading Catching Fire outside my 1-2 class, Humanities, my folders and agenda at my side at  6:55. My friends come at around 7 and I talk with them a bit bit before running off the other side of the quad to my humanities class. I spend the next 2 hours reading and writing with the class. The noise of chatter surrounds me as I read and write and talk with my friends Reem and Morgan. As the 1-2 class ends, I go with my friend Reem to Publications for period 3.  The sounds of music and typing of keys is heard from behind us, since we are in the front of the class.

By the end, Reem and I run to P.E to practice volleyball with Ms.Chubb. I can’t believe it’s lunch already! Reem and I split ways from the cafeteria to the stairs and I go upstairs to get my home lunch and run down before or after the bell rings.  We meet with our friends Mary and Nicole at our lunch table until 11:45, when I go back upstairs with Reem to exchange my lunch for my math and french binder, for period 5-6. I put my binders on my side of the table and say hi to Mr.Banks when I walk in.

I say goodbye to Reem and get out Catching Fire once more until the bell rings. In math, we’re untangling the large possibilities of the value of x once more along with linear data until finally the bell rings with a bit of suffering. I fast walk to science and breifly tell my friends Reem and Sanjana as they walk by what we go over and do, then I continue on my way to french class. I put my stuff inside the classroom and wait outside for my friend Morgan to come. I say hi and we all walk in together when the bell rings. We’re working on our projects for our own days, but in french. It’s not that bad as we’re all writing into our notebooks, but we’re all worrying about the presentation’s speech that goes along with the presentation. Finally the last bell rings and we write our homework into our agendas for the last time and then run out the door. Finally it’s the end of my day!

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