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My B day


My B day starts with 7-8, which is my P.E and I.T.  In P.E. we just ran cross country (1 lap) and started figuring out how to set up a net to play tennis. P.E. = physical education.  IT= Integrated technology. 

For IT we had to do a project of how scratch helped us use scratch? Those periods were 7:20 to 9:15.

After those two periods I have 1-2, which is math and science. In math we learned about exterior angles and interior angles. For science we just had to type what we think of heating Earth’s surfaces. We have a group project and we have to read some pages on Google site. From 9:30-11:25.  

Then I have lunch from 11:25 – 12:05. During lunch I hang out with Bjorn Jacob, and Edward.

And we ate Japanese curry rice at the cafeteria.

3-4. In period 3 we had publications and in publications we had to write stories about school and what is happening or what is going to happen. For period 4 I had strings and we had to do play offs. The teacher gave us a playoff to do and it’s just a sheet with songs to play.

This photo is for publications.


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