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7:20 AM(Publications): The day starts off with Publications, taught by Mr. Denby. Students type away on their computers including me. Mr. Denby wheels around in his green chair helping the students. Some people chat softly not wanting to disturb others concentrating on their work. It’s a really big class, there’s no more room for other students who want to join in. In Publications, we(the class) write about the latest news from ISB and around the world. This class is an extremely enjoyable one.

8:20 AM (PE): My 2nd period PE. My teacher is Mrs. Johnson who is currently away (son had a skiing accident).  Miss Kim is our substitute. We start off with taking our pulse(weird). Then the class runs around the track and does a couple of sprints(as a warm-up). Finally we get to do something fun. KICK-BALL!!

9:15 AM(Break): 1 Chocolate Chip Banana Muffin. YUM!!!

9:30 AM(Math): Right now, we’re in Geometry. Yay!! (not). Today, we have a quiz. I hope I did good. Gulp! This class is taught by Ms. Price. She also teaches Science. The class has skipped a good amount of sections in the math book we are learning in because we have already learned it(in 5th grade). We don’t have any homework today because of the quiz. Hooray!(that’s the only good thing about a quiz).

10:30 AM(Science): I’m in the same class so there’s no scrambling to my locker. In this class we are learning about the Water Cycle. Today, we play a game (sort of). Each student makes a table and rolls a die. If we get a certain number, we get to change to a different table and learn new info.

11:25 AM(Lunch): Food! Woo-Hoo!! My favorite period. I hang out with friends and then sneak to the library to check out a book.

12:10 PM(Integrated Technology): The teacher of this class is Mr. Zambrano. In this class we get to do Scratch. A college (techologyaholic school) invented Scratch. Scratch is where you make or build things. There are steps in doing this. This can be a fun class to those who are good at Scratch.

1:10 PM(Band): The last period of the day!! In band we are playing in the red Standard of Excellence book 1. I play the oboe. The class learns some new notes and plays several songs. The teacher is Mr. Poling.  Unfortunately, we have some terrible news. A new playing test on the F major scale and the teacher found our old playing test scores. NOOOO!!! Mr. Poling had lost the 1st playing test scores.  Now he found it. Everyone had done terrible on the playing test. Including me :( . Oh well.

2:05 PM(Home): Yay!! I am free for the day!! Except for some homework. It isn’t too bad and plus…


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