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My Day



At 7:20 I go to my Period 7:

Which is Math were we are learning about Integers and PEMDAS aka parentheses, exponents, multiply,divide, add and subtract.

Then At 8:15 the bell rings for period 7. We have 5 minutes to get from classes:

At 7:20 I am in science class were we are growing rice. So far my groups rice seeds are sprouting very well. Where we also do a bunch of fun experiments.

Then at 9:15 I have break were i usally go with friends to get apple juice or just go to my locker and get my things  for the next class which is Period 1 & 2

At 9:15 I go to Period 1 & 2

Which is  language arts humanities & social studies humanities were we are reading Rice without Rain and were were we also learn about the world like geography.

At 11:25 humanities is over and It is lunch time. Were we go hang with friends we have not seen and we eat food.

After lunch at 12:10 I have period 3 which is Publications were we write about recent news. Things happening around ISB.

Then period 4 at 1:10 which is Band were i play clarinet and we practice and do alot of fun songs. Where we are going to have another Concert soon.

Then at 2:05 Schools Out!!!


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