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My “A” Day Schedule


Locker RoomAt 7.15am in the morning, the first bell rings signaling that class would start in five minutes. Students head off to their different classes. Rachel has PE first thing, so she heads down to the girls locker room down in the PE department, where she can change into her PE uniform and keep things in the locker. It is also where she can meet up with her friends before they head off for PE. There are many different units in PE, and now, Rachel is doing the volleyball unit, which is held in the Rajendra hall. Rachel finds volleyball an enjoyable sport, and is thinking of trying out for the volleyball BISAC team.

At 8.15, the bell rings again, and Rachel heads off to her second period class, which is Math. Rachel is in Algebra 1, which can mean lots of numbers. That can seem very confusing to some people, but the Math teacher is always there to help whenever the students need him! Homework is posted on the class blog.

Between 9.15 and 9.30, students in ISB have a fifteen minute break, when they are allowed to head down to the cafeteria to have a muffin or some chocolate milk. This is a time when Rachel can just hang out with her buddies and is a great time to bond.

For third period, Rachel has Publications. This is a class where she has to write about the current events in her school, and publish them on the school website. This is a really useful process, because it keeps people updated about ISB.

The next period Rachel has a language class, which is Japanese. Rachel finds Japanese fascinating, because it is a language that she has just started learning, and can be really useful for her in future. However, there are many tests and quizzes in this class, and it can be really stressful for Rachel at times.Click here to go the the Japanese blog site.

5th and 6th period Rachel has Humanities. Currently, in Humanities, she is learning about Africa. Her class is divided into ten pairs, and each pair has to prepare a presentation about a country which they have picked and present their information to the class.

At 2.05pm, all the students are relieved, because it indicates the end of the school day. Many students head home to do their homework, while some students like Rachel stay in school to do their homework with their friends or just hang out. Overall, Rachel has a rather busy but fun day at school!

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