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10 Cool New Themes for your Blog!


As promised we have added new themes for you to explore and use. When we upgraded the blogging program over winter break it came with some new cool features and these new themes take advantage of a lot of the new features. We will also be deleting some old themes that either don’t work or don’t look good.

If you are using one of these themes on your blog you’ll want to change your theme in the next couple of weeks.

CAUTION: Changing your theme can cause you to loose your widgets. Write down the order of your widgets and and copy and paste any code you have into a document before updating your them.

Themes to be deleted the first of February:

72 Class, Anarchy, Black Letterhead, Blue Moon, Borderline, Chaotic Soul, Day Dream, Gental Calm, Hemingway, man-ja, Redoable, veryplaintxt, Primitivo

Check out the new themes we’ve added!


Nice theme that takes advantage of all the new features. Easy to change color and width. Tons of combinations to choose from. Easy to read and looks clean and nice.

Twenty Ten

This theme is so good that it’s the new default theme for all ISB student blogs. It’s a great theme, easy to use. Upload your own picture to use as a header, customize the menu, and the widgets always work. A really good theme.

2010 Weaver

The theme is LOADED with color options. If you like to play with colors this theme is for you. It’s also based on the Twenty Ten theme above so it works as good as it looks.

Magazine Basic

The same theme that In The Mix uses as well as Athletics. This theme has all kids of layout features. Choose how many sidebars you want, how wide the sidebars are, and layout. If you want your site to look like a magazine this theme will give you all you want. (Advance Theme)


This theme can either look like a magazine or a regular blog. You get to decide the look and feel. Upload your own header to make the theme truly yours. A nice sidebar so widgets look great!

Chip Zero

Looking for some color? This theme is a nice dark blue. The blog posts on the front page only show the first two sentences so you can fit more blog posts on the front page. It also displays the picture from your blog post to make it more visually appealing. Create your own logo and use it instead of a header image.

Adventure Journal

School’s an adventure right? Why not make your blog show it. This theme allows you to upload a big beautiful header image. There are some included to choose from, but take your own picture that represents who you are and your learning adventure and show it off here.

Smart One

Simple and smart and easy to read makes this theme a great choice. A nice header image area that you can upload yourself. Customize all the colors and the look and fee with ease.


Saving the most advanced themes for last. Swift is the most widely used theme. Lots of options and I recommend this only for advance web users. But it is very cool. Make your blog look like a magazine site or as a very cool blog. (Advance Users Only)


Much like the Swift theme this theme is for advance users only. It had loads of options and you can customize every aspect of this theme to make it look and feel just the way you want. Caution…you can waste hours playing with this themes settings. (Advance Users Only)

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