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Our Day A


7:20 AM: The bells ring and we’re off to our first class of the day. First, Fallon has Health. This is the class that makes most kids sick to their stomachs; mostly because we’re learning about being a teenager, with all the strings attached. But there’s nothing we can do about that! At least we’re learning! Emily has Spanish period 1; this means tons of speaking, listening, and learning. But Emily does enjoy Spanish!

8:20 AM: We head off to 2nd period. We both have PE. Right now, we’re learning about touch rugby. We’ve played it a lot so far, but we are also learning techniques and watching videos to help our learning. It’s a hard and confusing game, but it sure is a lot of fun!

9:30 AM: After a chocolate milk or two at break, we go to Period 3. We both have Publications! This is where we right for a school website that keeps students up to date on the latest stories. Students and teachers can see the new sports team tryouts or the high school play that’s showing. It’s a fun class, plus it helps other students.

10:30 AM: Period 4. Fallon has French Class. This is exactly like Spanish; with lots of speaking, listening, and learning. Emiliy, on the other hand, has Global Studies. This is where students learn about the world, and cultures, as well as our own cultures. It’s a fun class with lots of work, but it’s definitely worth it.

11:25 AM: Lunch Time! This is our favorite time of the day because we get to enjoy some really good fun and talk with our friends! But after lunch, it’s another two class!

12:10 PM: Period 5! Fallon has Math, which is learning about tons of different subjects. Right now, we’re learning about box and whiskers and how to make statements. Emily has Humanities both period 5 and 6. Right now, Emily is learning about Sub-Sahara Africa, which is the lower part of the continent.

1:10 PM: While Emily is still learning about Africa in Humanities, Fallon has Science. Right now, we’re working on plate techtonics. It’s really interesting to learn about the Earth and how it was formed!

2:05 PM: The bells ring yet again, and school is over for the day! It’s time to go home and do some homework. Oh well, at least we had fun on our day A!

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