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A Day Without Technology


This is a link to the website this photo came from. We also couldn’t use computers or T.V or game systems

In the 7th grade we had a fundraiser for raising money to help some kids and to raise money you had to get sponsors to give you a certain amount of money for every hour you went without technology because that’s how those kids live.

Going a day without technology can be very difficult after you finish all your homework because you are tempted to get on the internet and search thing on youtube or talk to your friends while playing games and watching T.V but I was able to resist the temptation. My mom locked me  out of the room with most of our electronics sometimes I felt like running and slamming against the door until it broke so I could watch a little bit of T.V or open the door sit down and watch T.V but i didn’t because I wanted to raise as much money as possible. All day I would read books and used my legos to build towers and other buildings that always fell on me. Then I built bigger but those also fell on me and it hurt even more. That day was very hard for me and the next day at school I learned that most of my friends only went 9 or 12 hours without electronics but I made it 24 hours. We raised a total of 87,000 baht in total.

Here is the link for this image.

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