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In Defense of PCs


Let’s face it, the world is now full of Macs, just thirty years ago, Macs didn’t even exist and now there are iPods, iPads iTouches and even Mac Books and Mac Book pros. PC’s that were once favored are now slowly fading from the spotlight. Everyone is talking bad about the PC and how Macs are faster, easier and just overall better but let’s stop and remember a few things.

The price of Mac Books compared to a normal PC can be nearly $1,000 in difference, even though they can basically function the same way and follow on the same tasks. Why would someone want to pay more for something that can do the same things, but cheaper?

From using a PC all those years and finally switching to a Mac, how can you understand all those buttons? All the thumbnail programs now on a little moving bar at the bottom of the page and the different keys, how is it even possible ? But most importantly, from just pressing the right click button in one simple step to pressing control, click.

There’s nothing truly wrong with Macintosh products, in fact they still are very nice. But when you don’t have the money or time to buy and understand, PC’s are the way to go. 

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One Response to In Defense of PCs

  1. Hi! on 21/01/2011 at 10:23 AM

    PCs are way better :) cheap parts too :)

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