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My favorite day


My favorite day is B day because our first period is period 7, which is band. (Favorite thing like to do) In band we I play the Saxophone at first I thought it was like very hard to play but it was so much easier than I thought. Right now I’m so excited about the concert on Thursday and we’re going to play Angels rock on the stage the first time in my life.

Pond S.

The next is period is 8=Thai class. It is funny learning Thai class because since Win and Edward keeps on doing something funny which keeps me from wanting to laugh example when we had to sing the roy roy kra tong and then suddenly they win took a drum and Edward took the sticks and started going with the beat.

And as you know the next period is period 1-2=math and science. In math right now we are learning about the LCM, LCF, GCM, GCF, CM, and CF. We learned how to find the prime factorization by doing the factor tree breaking the number until it’s prime. In science class we are studying about motion and forces. Until now we are trying to find out this question. If there is no velocity and you threw like an object example ice across the ice in wintertime will it keep on going or will it stop because of the smooth surface and not having velocity. (Will the force be used up or what).

Pond S.

Then the next period is period 3, which are publications. In publication our job is to find news and write about it. Right now my job is to write about like kind of a diary in my school. Finally the last period is P.E. In P.E it is very fun, the teachers are trying to make us fit and jump higher run faster and do stuff like that. He usually let us run 2 times around the track. We just finished swimming and it was refreshing. This is all of the things I did in school for B day that is my favorite.

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