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My Day :)


My D-Day


My favorite day is a ‘’D-Day’’ These are our rotations.

Period 3:Right now I’m in my publications class. In publications we publish Stories at I.S.B                                       

Period 4: Right Now I’m in PE, in P.E we do Swimming the water is very, very, very cold.  In swimming I am in the advanced group.  The advanced group is not as different than the intermediate group.


Period 5: its Math time first we take out our math binder and wait for Mr.Fitzgearld to come and check our homework. Then we go over 1 question that either was confusing or just for review. Then Mr.Fitzgealrd starts the new investigation.


Period 6: Science. Right now we are doing a science project. We have finished a unit on force and motion, and we also learned Newton’s Laws. All 3 laws.


PERIOD 7: right now I have drama in the new building. The new building  was made for music, drama and dance and languages.

PERIOD 8: I have band right now. I play the trumpet. We are practicing for our December concert we will be playing the song Fire Caves of Golathron


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