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My Day: Manasith


Out of four different schedules, A, B, C, and D. I like D the most because I don’t have first and second period.  For first period I have PE and for period two I have Thai. I would also like to start my day with Publications. Publications is my favorite class because all we do is write stories and short blog posts. I also like publications because the class is forgiving and it is easy to get an ‘A’

7:20-8:15; I have Publications. In this class, we write blog posts about what’s happening at school and what’s interesting.

8:20-9:15; I have Kemistry In The Kitchen. This class, we have science experiments and learn about interesting facts about science. Currently, we are learning about the nose, and the tongue, and how smell and taste are related. Some photos here.IMG_8284dd

9:15-9:25; I have Break. During this time I hang out with my friends, and get ready for my next class. I go to my locker and get all my books for science and algebra.

9:30-10:25; I have Science. Currently, we are learning about rocks and minerals and their uses. I have to make a power point about the uses of gold. I found out that gold is not just used for jewelry. Gold is used in electronics, as currency, and sometimes used in dentistry.

10:30-11:05; I have Algebra. Right now, we are studying chapter 5 in the book. In chapter 5, we are learning about functions and how to graph them. We are also reviewing all the other chapters in the book we already learned to get ready for the test this Friday.

11:25-12:05; I have Lunch.  This is the time I use to eat, meet friends, and go see teachers if needed.

12:10-2:05; I have Humanities. Right now, we are studying advertisement. We have to make a brand identity and make advertisements for that brand. Once we have made the brand and advertisements, our group have to present to real advertisement executives.

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