Where will you be July 6 at 12.00 GMT this summer?

IB examination results are available to students on July 6 at 12.00 GMT. All exam takers are provided with a personal PIN code to access their results online.

In April students may request results be sent directly to their college or university ahead of registration. There are some strict deadlines on the data entry for these requests. Such requests are sent by the school before May 1 or in summer by sending the request directly to the appropriate IBO office.  All senior IB exam takers have a request form and are encouraged to submit it – on time please! The colleges appreciate the opportunity of having results early and it saves a lot of time at the beginning of the first semester at college!

Subject distribution scores

ISB publishes the subject distribution scores on the website each year. The successes of our IB students must be consider in light of our open entry policy to the IB examinations for certificates and the IB diploma programme.

6 year averages

This collated summary of IB results (diploma, anticipated and certificate students) contains the 6 year average IB scores achieved by ISB students and the 6 year World average IB score for each subject. These results should be viewed in light of the additional information provided, namely, the number of years the subject has been examined at ISB and the number of students who have taken the examination in that subject.  The summary was generated to provide a medium term view of the IB results at ISB over 6 years. It is useful to notice the number of subjects that are relatively new to the program (less than 6 years). The ISB averages in bold are above the 6 year World average scores for IB examinations.

The IB at ISB – 40 plus Diploma students

ISB students have been awarded IB Diplomas and Certificates since 1985. The school has encouraged students of all abilities and aptitudes to take IB examinations. Each year a number of students gain outstanding scores that reflect upon their aptitude and exceptional commitment to their studies. The students listed on this document have gained IB Diplomas with 40 or more points.

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