Extended Essay

The Extended Essay provides an opportunity for students to undertake research and learn about the expectations of academic writing. The essay requires students to investigate a topic of interest in a subject they are studying, supported by a subject specific advisor/teacher. Students become acquainted with the necessary research and writing skills required to complete a 4000 word essay and gain a depth of knowledge and understanding in their chosen topic.

Extended Essay has a published rubric used by advisor/teachers and examiners and known by students. All essays are sent to subject specific examiners for grading.


Extended Essay is graded on an A-E scale:

A Excellent; B Good; C Satisfactory; D Mediocre; E Poor

The scores from Theory of Knowledge and Extended Essay provide the basis for the award of up to 3 bonus points to the overall diploma score.

Extended Essay at ISB

The Extended Essay work begins in semester 1 of the Junior year with introductions to the requirements, brainstorming of ideas and reviewing the rubric. The remainder of the semester involves students developing ideas for research questions in the light of provisional research. Subject advisors are allocated accordingly who then work with the student to further develop the idea and question that will become the Extended Essay.The student has the responsibility to maintain a focus on their research and notetaking.

The Summer Workshop for IB Diploma Juniors provides a four day intensive study opportunity for students to further their research, develop outlines for their essays and start writing with the support of Workshop advisors and without the additional demands of regular school work.  Students should leave the workshop with a clearly defined plan for completing the first draft of their Extended Essay. The students have the responsibility to continue working on their essay to completion. Advisors will provide feedback on the draft. The final deadline for EE submission is in the first semester of the Senior year to avoid significant conflicts with subject IAs, completion of courses, and review for examinations after the holiday break.

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