Examinations and results

April is here and the final preparations for the exams are underway. Students are already reviewing past material and past exam papers in some classes and there is official information to distribute and collect in this month.

All senior exam takers have been given:

  • Request form for results to college service
  • IB exam schedule – all examinations in MPB
  • Large brown envelope to address for their official IB transcripts (and diplomas) which will arrive in September
  • Form to complete with the forwarding address or collection details for the official documents.
  • Official personal code, PINcode and URL for the results site – see below:

Where will you be July 6 at 12.00 GMT this summer?

IB examination results are available to students on July 6 at 12.00 GMT on a secure IBO website. All exam takers are provided with a personal PIN code to access their results online.

In April students may request results be sent directly to their college or university ahead of registration. There are some strict deadlines on the data entry for these requests. Such requests are sent by the school before May 1 or in summer by sending the request directly to the appropriate IBO office.

All senior IB exam takers have a request form and are encouraged to submit it – on time please! The colleges appreciate the opportunity of having results early and it saves a lot of time at the beginning of the first semester at college!

Good luck to all exam candidates, seniors and juniors and remember to get a good night’s sleep and have breakfast!

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