2012 IB Diploma

The updated IB hexagon reflects changes in Languages which are being implemented from August 2011 onwards.

The inclusion of two Group 1 categories for the study of Language and Literature has expanded options for ISB students as they can choose between English Literature and English Language and Literature for their Group 1 class.  Native speakers including their mother tongue language are including the Literature course as part of their bilingual diploma.

Group 2 has been renamed Language Acquisition and includes all Language B and ab initio courses.

Group 1 courses    Studies in Language and Literature

Language and Literature:  English, French, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish

Literature: English

Group 2 courses        Language Acquisition

Language B (continuing language learners): French, Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish

Language ab initio (one year or less language learners): French, Spanish (Standard level only)

Group 3 courses           Individuals and Societies

Business and Management, Economics, Geography, History (Higher level: History of the Americas or History of Asia and Oceania), Psychology (Standard level only), Environmental systems and societies (Standard level only)

Group 4 courses        Experimental Sciences

Biology, Chemistry, Environmental systems and societies (Standard level only), Physics

Group 5 courses         Mathematics and Computer Science

Mathematics Studies, Mathematics SL (both Standard level), Mathematics Higher level, Computer Science

Group 6 courses    The Arts

Dance, Music, Theatre, Visual Art

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